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Driving Curve is like Nike+ for driving, it provides a really easy and effortless way to record your driving behavior and get informative analysis instantly. All you have to do is a simple click before driving.

After each trip, unlock achievements, compete with friends and have fun with the app!

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Fuel Saver? or Bank Robber?
Find out your driving style and get rid of inefficient driving behaviors in a way of winning rewards from playing games.

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This app is totally fun and simple to use. Recommend!

- frc Chen_app store USA

it's very user friendly and there's no learning cost to pick this app up.

- Jaefo Pinkman_app store USA

I really enjoyed using this app on my ride home. It helped me drive more cautiously so I could see good results in the end.

- Mike_vartan_app store USA

It adds some fun to the everyday boring drive and gives everyone something to look forward when they drive.

- Cjl30_app store Canada

This is really cool for ppl who enjoy driving! Fantastic!

- ttocsliu_app store Taiwan

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What’s your score?
See what kind of driver you are, review your performance and compare with friend!

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Abrupt speed fluctuation will cause unnecessary fuel consumption. Remember, always drive steady and smoothly.

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Build your own driving profile,
create personal best records and improve self driving skills gradually.

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Earn score and the respect of the world best drivers. Glorify your country and pin the flag of victory on the map!

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Collect badges, encourage yourself to improve your driving skill and become a better driver.

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Share your trip to Facebook. Show your friends who the best driver is!